9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Factory Door

1- Motor with Reduced Gear

The opening speed of these door motors, which have proven quality, should be easily adjustable and have some variables.

2-Body Profile Thickness

Like the body profile, the thickness of the body cover should be sufficient for working performance and wall fixing system. Because this cover is mostly removed during maintenance and if it is not thick enough, the body covers may turn into garbage.

3- Wheel Group

The moving wheel groups elements on which the door wings are mounted must be manufactured from galvanized steel sheet. The surface of the wheel groups should be polished. The movable wheel group should move on an aluminum herringbone rail independent from the frame that can be disassembled and replaced if necessary and contains a vibration rubber between the frame and the herringbone rail profile. Thus, you can ensure comfortable and quiet operation by minimizing vibration and noise.

4- Electronic unit

During the assembly of industrial doors, the door should be able to self-monitor and learn. The operating modes of the industrial doors should be able to be realized with the control panel (manual, automatic, one-way, partial opening, locked, open hold). The working principle of the Industrial Doors should be able to be changed, as well as the opening/closing/pause speed of the industrial doors should be adjustable.

5-Motion Sensors

Motion sensors work with the active microwave method. Active microwave sensors only detect motion; In undesirable situations, it does not cause a problem such as opening and closing the door by itself.

6-Leaf profiles

The closing surfaces of the industrial door wings must have a wick system, which we call “kissing wicks”. In this way, the door leaf profiles are not damaged and thermal insulation is provided. It also looks aesthetically beautiful. A wick must be placed on the inside (in the direction of the wall) of the Industrial Door leafs. In this way, dust is prevented from entering the building and it contributes to thermal insulation. If the top of the door leaf is left open in very cold weather, the door electronics may be damaged and become out of use. For this reason, the upper part of the industrial door leaf must be closed. For common rough or uneven floors, the lower part of the door leaves should be brushed. In this way, it also provides a certain degree of air tightness. In addition to all these, for ease of assembly, the door wings should be without lath and a profile system that does not require silicone should be preferred.

7-Electromechanical locks

Electromechanical locking system of sliding photocell doors, ‘Wing Lock’, which locks the two leafs together; ‘Motion Lock’, which locks a single leaf; It happens in 3 main modifications, ‘Lock from Engine’, which directly locks the engine; leaf locking should be preferred for more security.

8-After sales services

Industrial doors that perform according to the intensity of use definitely require maintenance. It should be supplied from companies that can provide assurance regarding after-sales services.

9-About the price-quality ratio

Industrial door manufacturers that offer maximum quality at optimum prices should be preferred.

All our efforts are to offer our customers maximum quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at minimum cost. That’s why we give our products long warranty periods and with our sample maintenance service on request, we ensure that the products always remain as they were on the first day and work without problems for many years.

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