Door Seals

Door seals are systems created by using seals to help protect the loading and unloading area from external factors and to prevent heat losses. FGİ door seals are used as equipment in most loading areas. During loading or unloading of…

DevamıDoor Seals

Truck Restraining System

Truck restraining system is a safety equipment used to prevent vehicles from slipping or stopping in a dangerous area. This system consists of materials placed under the front and rear wheels of the vehicle so that the vehicle does not…

DevamıTruck Restraining System

Industrial Sectional Doors

Sectional doors, consisting of sandwich panels made of polyurethane, are the most suitable industrial door and loading technology products for your facility that require medium speed levels and provide isolation with external environments. Sectional doors save space by moving vertically…

DevamıIndustrial Sectional Doors

Industrial Door

The industrial door is the door located around a facility and designed to control the entrances and exits to the business. Industrial doors are usually large, sturdy, and durable. It is important that the loading vehicles are sized to allow…

DevamıIndustrial Door

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