Energy Saving with FGI

The most important investment for the future is energy saving. Energy saving, which has an important place for both your facility and your future, it is among the issues that have attracted a lot of attention recently.

Industrial Doors in Energy Saving

As FGİ; We attach great importance to energy saving both in the production and operation phase of all our products. Industrial Doors classified in three different categories as Sectional, Rapid roll Doors and Aluminium Rolling Doors. While this classification provides three different functions in three different areas, it also integrates at a common point in the field of quality and savings. With the developing technology, energy saving has become important in almost all sectors. For example; Heat saving is an important factor in the food industry. Because how much heat it should take or how cold it should be in an environment has an important effect on the life of the products. Another example as a sector is the Pharmacy and Chemical Industry which needs special attention in terms of hygiene, safety and operational safety.

Energy Saving Loading Technologies

In order to prevent energy losses in different areas, FGİ offers you special and applicable solutions. Although its functions vary, our main goal for your facility is to save energy at all times and under all conditions, and to gain your satisfaction by putting you one step ahead of your competitors. With FGİ Loading Technologies Solutions, we prevent your facility from being affected by adverse conditions, while at the same time we lead you in the field of energy saving by preventing excessive energy consumption.

Fire Resistant Doors in Energy Saving

FGİ fire resistant doors, which have been used quite a lot recently, have an important impact area in terms of security. Another important function is; It provides energy saving with heat insulation both during fire and in cases where there is no fire. With fire resistant doors, we prevent cold from entering the building in winter months and prevent energy loss. Ensuring energy saving by preventing energy loss is the biggest and basic need of every facility. Energy saving also plays an important role in the national economy.

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