Fire is an event that has a high probability of coming out of nowhere. During the fire, you don’t know what to do, you struggle to escape. You are very likely to lose even your ability to think because of panic. Sometimes it can be impossible to see the things that will bring you to yourself in the place. FGI Fire Resistant Doors will guide you on what to do in case of panic while minimizing the damages of fire. FGI Fire Resistant Doors prevent the spread of flame and smoke by closing the fire door when the ambient temperature reaches 74°C. It provides human and building safety by cutting the relationship with the fire environment.

We can also produce our FGI fire resistant doors, which we produce in standard sizes and features, by using different sizes, features and accessories according to the project demands. Your life and property safety is always in safe hands!

Use of Fire Resistant Doors in Shopping Centers

Fire safety It is a dangerous and difficult situation to control the environment in closed places such as shopping malls where there are many people. Thinking that it is a safe place, people do not even think that they will encounter such negativities in a place where they come comfortably to shop with their families, friends and children or just to visit. FGI Fire Resistant Doors; It provides a more modern appearance and high level of protection in the shopping mall, and helps to control bacterial transfer by reducing contact points. In addition, it prevents the formation of an airless environment in closed areas by enabling the decomposition of odor.

Use of Fire Resistant Doors in Schools

Schools; It is a very crowded environment with students, teachers and other officials. In the event of a fire, the priority is to evacuate the school without panic. FGI Fire Resistant Doors will give you the time you need to evacuate the school and secure everyone in the event of a fire. Fire-resistant doors with sufficient strength can prevent students from panicking in the event of a fire and prevent you from getting more damage. It should not be forgotten that the students and teachers in the school are considered trustworthy. For this reason, we produce the best fire resistant doors for maximum life safety against possible fire situations.

Use of Fire Resistant Doors in Cinemas and Theaters

Cinemas and theaters are at least as dangerous as shopping malls because they are crowded environments. While such environments increase the probability of fire, it also causes an increase in the speed of its spread. FGI Fire Resistant Doors are becoming more and more necessary day by day. Growing shopping malls, expanding schools, cinemas and theaters are among the reasons that most affect this situation. FGI Fire Resistant Doors; It is produced by calculating the size of the space, human capacity, and how long the door should withstand the fire.

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