FGI offers up to 75% energy savings

Aiming to meet the door and loading technology needs of the logistics industry in a fast and high quality manner, FGİ also contributes significantly to the spread of green warehouses. Günay Güneş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FGİ, says, “Our products that leave a green footprint in relation to logistics warehouses provide energy savings of up to 75% and we are able to document this.”

Could you tell us about your production activities by giving information about FGİ?

Founded in 1997, FGİ started to operate as a local manufacturer of sectional doors in 1998. Combining its strength in 2002 with Novoferm, which was established in 1955 and is one of the largest suppliers of industrial doors, garage doors, loading systems and motors in Europe with more than 2500 employees. Today FGİ operates in the field of industrial doors and loading systems.

Our company policy briefly: Quality, not quantity. All our efforts are to offer our customers maximum quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at minimum cost. For this reason, we provide our products with long warranty periods and with our exemplary maintenance service upon request, we ensure that the products always remain as they were on the first day and work smoothly for many years. The products requested by our customers are offered taking into account the requirements of the regions, national standards and regulations. Of course, we are ISO 9001 certified and we produce with the latest technology to fulfill our responsibility to the environment. With the investment we made in 2018 to meet the demands of our customers, we increased our production facility, which is located on an area of 3300 m2, to a total of 6300 m2, and we have both increased our capacity and revealed our vision for the future. We procure the products as semi-finished or finished products from our partners, each of which is the leader of their sector, we apply these products with our expert staff and we also provide after-sales and assembly services when necessary.

Can you introduce your product groups? Which sectors do you mainly serve?

We can list our product groups as; sectional doors, rapid roll doors, aluminium or steel roller shutters, loading ramps, door seals, emergency exit doors and fire doors. Mainly; We provide services for the needs of facilities serving the industrial facilities, food and logistics sectors. We offer sectional doors, loading ramps, door seals, truck restraining systems. and products that ensure loading safety that work in harmony on loading platforms specially developed for the logistics industry. In addition, we support the work of smart warehouses with integrated warehouse tracking systems. Moreover; We strive to spread the concept of “green warehouses” with energy-saving products in logistics warehouse equipment.

What are the advantages you offer to your customers with products that leave GREEN FOOTPRINT?

Especially regarding logistics warehouses, our products that “leave a green footprint” provide energy savings of up to 75% and we are able to document this. In addition, thanks to the software that increases the traceability of the warehouse areas in order to ensure more efficient operation, it provides the opportunity to monitor and manage the working performance and efficiency of all platforms separately. With our motto “the right product for the right need”, which we have been developing since the day we were founded, we are involved in the process from the very beginning of the project, so we better understand the needs of the users and make our solution proposals accordingly. In this way, we help both to implement the total quality management at the maximum level in the projects we are solution partners and to increase productivity with our new technologies.

Which production technologies do you use?

The entire production line of our facility is carried out with the use of automation to support Industry 4.0. R&D studies are carried out to meet the sector needs for which special applications are requested. Studies that will increase production capacity and improve automation connections are also constantly being researched.

What kind of market share do you have in Türkiye that you can localize NOVOFERM products? What are your medium and long-term growth goals?

We have a 12% share in the Turkish market. In the medium term, we continue to work to produce one of our existing product groups in Türkiye with the “Novoferm Authorization Certificate”. In this way, faster supply will be provided for new projects. In addition, while we carry out studies for the delivery of Novoferm products to the Middle East and African markets via FGİ, our work on designing special products for companies within the Novoferm group continues without interruption. Our long-term goal is to manufacture all Novoferm products in our country and to strengthen our company’s integration with the world by including our own developed products in our product range.

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