We spent time together at our 10th traditional picnic with FGİ employees and their families.

We organized the tenth annual traditional family picnic for FGİ Door and Loading Technologies, our employees and their families.

The most important of our core values is to be a family. Being a family has an undeniable place in our lives in terms of our being a society that is sure of the future and our social development. It is one of the values we attach importance to, which is the basis of both our national culture and our belief. Various events have been organized for years in order to keep the motivation of the employees at the highest level, to increase the sense of teamwork and belonging by providing internal communication. The basis of being able to sign important and successful works is to work with an energetic team within the organization. While spending pleasant moments in nature with fun activities all day at the picnic they attended with FGİ employees and their families at BİNEF Horse Farm this year, it was an unforgettable day for our company and their families at our picnic where the children had fun as well as the joyful laughter of their elders. Various activities were included in a short but energetic day. Team games or individual games were played by the participants. While we go back to the past for a day with nail driving, tug-of-war, sack racing, and spoon-carrying eggs, there was a day when healthy activities, away from technology, took place for our children. On this day, when we once again saw that winning will actually happen when we act together in a team spirit and correctly, the happiness of parents could be seen on their faces when they were telling and playing games that they didn’t know at all, maybe they couldn’t even find time to teach their children, and that they played with pleasure when they were children. Of course, not only games were played on this beautiful day when we, as FGİ employees, gained the hearts of our families while saving the energy to achieve new achievements. In our tenth traditional picnic with FGİ employees and their families, different activities such as horse riding were included in addition to the games. As a company, we once again remembered the importance of being a family away from everything and being happy together, in a team spirit, at our traditional picnic. We are a family, families have fun together and walk towards the future with firm steps.

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