In Which Areas Can Sectional Doors Be Preferred And In Which Businesses Can It Be Used?

Our sectional door models, also known as industrial doors, can be used safely in many different fields and businesses. It is in the list of usage areas of sectional doors in the warehouses of textile companies, warehouses of shopping centers, warehouses of entertainment centers, warehouses of medium-sized supermarkets, pharmaceutical warehouses, warehouses of private sector companies and public institutions.
Our sectional doors, which are produced according to international quality standards, are our most preferred door systems. Sectional door models with high quality and durability enable businesses to benefit from our door systems without any problems.

Features of Our Sectional Doors

As Turkey’s most popular sectional door manufacturing company, we can state that these door models have unique features. Our sectional doors have an ergonomic design. In this respect, it is very easy to transport, install and disassemble. Our doors are the most easily applied high-tech door models. Free of charge installation, maintenance and disassembly are carried out by our expert staff during the periods of the warranty period.

In this context, our customers do not experience time and financial losses. Since our sectional doors are completely made of steel material, they do not rust and deform even after many years.

Should it be an Automatic Sectional Door or a Manual Sectional Door?

You can choose automatic and manual sectional door models that have the features you want from our business. Our automatic sectional doors are high-tech, high-quality, reliable, remote-controlled door models. In this context, these door types are preferred more than our manual sectional door models. Our manual door models, on the other hand, are our industrial door types that can be opened and closed directly by the personnel hand, as the name suggests.
These door types have a simpler operation compared to automatic models. It requires close contact as it functions through direct staff intervention. Our manual sectional door models are especially preferred by small and medium-sized factories. You can come across our manual sectional door models especially in textile factories.

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