The industrial door is the door located around a facility and designed to control the entrances and exits to the business. Industrial doors are usually large, sturdy, and durable. It is important that the loading vehicles are sized to allow the entry of heavy machinery, materials and products used.

Industrial doors are divided into different types according to the method of opening. Some open manually, while others open automatically. Automatic doors can be opened by remote control, automatic sensors, touch panels or cards. Moreover; Additional features such as air curtains, fire alarm systems, pedestrian doors and security systems can be added to facilitate shared use. Industrial doors often function not as a door but also as a barrier.

FGİ industrial doors, which are suitable for customer needs and modern in design, offer many advantages to businesses in terms of security, efficiency and aesthetics. In terms of security, industrial doors can minimize the risks of theft, vandalism and occupational accidents inside and outside the business. In terms of efficiency, high-speed doors can accelerate the entry-exit processes of businesses and minimize time loss. In addition, a visually well-designed door helps the business look professional and increase brand reputation. Industrial doors which are frequently requested recently are the most prestigious method that can be a solution for the entrances and exits of warehouses. It is preferred in facilities and warehouses to control entrances and exits, to increase warehouse safety, to save energy and to prevent heat loss. Facility and warehouse doors are a very important hygiene factor as well as preventing heat loss in the best way. These doors can be opened and closed easily with a switch control and manually. It will serve you for a long time with its long-lasting, strong and solid panels. Constructed as both exterior and interior warehouse doors, these doors are suitable for all types of transport vehicles. It can be manufactured with PVC panels or aluminum, with or without windows, upon request and in the desired color.

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