Sectional doors, consisting of sandwich panels made of polyurethane, are the most suitable industrial door and loading technology products for your facility that require medium speed levels and provide isolation with external environments. Sectional doors save space by moving vertically (up and down) and open under the facility’s ceiling, not outside the facility door. Since sectional doors are customizable in many ways, they can be applied according to taste without harming the architecture of your facility / home. They can be used integrated with loading technology products. Since the four sides of the doors are filled with flexible rubber wick, it provides maximum impermeability and protects the application area against external factors.

These doors, which are generally designed for commercial and industrial areas, are very robust in structure. FGİ sectional doors were environmentally friendly because they were both durable and energy efficient.

The operating system of sectional doors can be controlled manually and automatically. The automatic sectional door can be controlled via the remote control system. It is used by large and medium-sized companies. It is advantageous for businesses as it has a very practical operation. Manual sectional door, on the other hand, has the feature of opening and closing manually. Medium and small sized sectional doors are used by many different companies. Sectional doors, which take up less space than other door types, provide more control in the working area as they can be opened vertically.

It is preferred in the warehouse section of companies, private properties, garage section, residential areas, parking areas, production and distribution areas, car showroom companies, car wash companies, fair and show areas, shopping centers and offices.

FGİ sectional doors can be designed and produced according to the needs and budgets of each company.

The sectional door panel is a product surrounded by sheet steel on both sides and loaded with polyurethane in the middle. The thickness of the panel may vary from brand to brand. Industrial sectional doors are also known for their high level of security. Most doors have special safety mechanisms to stop them in the event of a collision. In order for the door to be installed well, it is very important that the product is supplied correctly at the beginning. Sectional doors, which can be assembled in a short time, can maintain their performance for many years with appropriate maintenance and service.

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