Door seals are systems created by using seals to help protect the loading and unloading area from external factors and to prevent heat losses. FGİ door seals are used as equipment in most loading areas. During loading or unloading of the load from the vehicle, its function is to fill the gap between the loading ramp and the vehicle and ensures that the load is unloaded or loaded properly. Due to the spaces between a warehouse and a loading vehicle (truck, truck, etc.), products may be affected by adverse conditions. A door seal is used to prevent this negative effect.

The biggest advantage of using FGİ Door seal is that it saves time and money. Seal systems are the best solution for the problems that may occur by preventing the air passage between the vehicle and the loading ramp during loading, unloading and storage. Door seals are used a lot in industries that can be affected by heat imbalances. It is preferred in the storage, textile, pharmaceutical and food sectors for the protection of indoor environments where cleanliness,temperature and humidity ratio are sensitive. Thus, it helps to prevent irreversible damage in these sectors.

FGİ door seals with a flexible and convenient mechanism provides protection against variable temperature conditions, rain and wind. By creating a perfect seal between the loading vehicle and the building, it helps to eliminate energy loss and possible damage to the cargo. Built-in rain drain diverts rainwater sideways.

The door seals, which are produced in accordance with internationally accepted standards and norms, also play an important role in the creation of safe loading areas. Production in accordance with the standards is safe during application and maintenance as well as in daily use.

Door seals are designed to work in integration with loading ramps and sectional doors. Door seals which are designed and used in accordance with the type of loading and unloading operations and the physical conditions of the building, will increase the operational efficiency of the businesses.

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