100% recyclable materials

We demonstrate an innovative approach focused on creating smarter and better production methods that are compatible with nature. We meticulously pursue our goal of using recyclable materials. That’s why we carefully select materials and resources and improve ourselves with our
in-house methods.

Up to 70% energy savings with the latest technology

All of our products, which we supply and assemble using modern techniques, provide energy savings of up to 70%. Our door and loading technology solutions require less energy during operation and therefore emit less CO2 to the environment. In our production facility and offices, we implement various practices in order to prevent unnecessary energy consumption, and in this
sense, we cooperate with local institutions and organizations.

Best corrosion protection

All of our products, which are supplied and assembled, are constantly subjected to mechanical and electronic tests and do not contain substances harmful to human and environmental health such as lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg). The paints we use are Decopaint Directive (VOC)compliant. Novoferm Green Solutions products are particularly characterized by low life cycle costs.

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