What are Industrial Doors? Where to use?

Industrial doors are used in many different areas. Industrial Doors, also known as Sectional Doors that are preferred in garages, warehouses, residences, parking areas, car galleries, exhibition and fairgrounds, production warehouses, car wash facilities, and all other areas where workshop entrance and exit control is desired. FGİ Industrial Doors, which are used in many different areas, have taken their place in the most preferred list.
Its use has many advantages. One of the reasons why FGİ Industrial Doors are primarily preferred, is that they ensure the entrances and exits are kept under control, and they provide advantages in all areas, especially in the most needed security area. Another advantage is; FGİ Industrial Doors do not have a structure that will narrow the interior space. They do not restrict the usage area and ensure full performance of the space during your work.

Color Options of Industrial Doors

Colors have a significant impact on people. Any color can give you confidence, but a different color can make you move away from that company. In recent years, as new and aesthetic understandings and production technologies have developed, FGİ has started to give more importance to the decorative features of Industrial Doors. FGİ, which has many different models and presents suitable designs, offers products that take into account your priorities and wishes in terms of colors. The choice of color is an important factor in the corporate exterior of your company in such a case, with more design freedom and colored doors are the best proof of this. In terms of color if exposed to sun dark colors should be avoided in order to prevent bending due to heating. Colors in photos may differ from actual appearance. For all thermo sectional doors, you can choose from 8 standard colors and approximately 200 RAL colors at Novoferm and consult FGİ sales office for color selection.

Color Requests for NovoLux Doors

Novolux panels can be applied as panels painted in E6/EV1 anodized or RAL 9002 colors as standard. However, the panels can be painted in almost any RAL color. Anodized personnel door profiles can also be painted in the color of the door. The aluminum glazing beads inside are never painted. FGİ; works to ensure that your solutions are easier, more reliable and long-lasting.

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