Rapid Roll Doors

Thanks to FGI high-speed roller doors technologies, the workflow of businesses accelerates, productivity increases and logistics service improves. high-speed roller doors are ideal for efficient workflow<strong>.</strong>
Rapid Roll Doors
Rapid Roll Doors

With FGİ Rapid Roll Door Technologies, the rapid movement of doors accelerates the workflow of businesses, improves logistics services by increasing productivity. FGİ Rapid roll doors are for efficient and economical product flow. In the areas where they are used, they prevent the air flow between the sections. They open and close very quickly. Therefore, they help to keep the optimized temperature constant in warehouses and production facilities and to improve logistics services. FGİ rapid roll doors are fast opening and closing doors used in industrial facilities. Industrial facilities often prefer them because of their many advantages. They consists of interconnected panels on a frame usually made of aluminum or steel. The rapid opening and closing of FGİ rapid roll doors accelerates businesses' workflow, improves logistics and increases productivity. In addition, FGİ rapid roll doors also save on energy costs of businesses thanks to their sealing feature. Rapid Roll doors are also ideal for meeting the hygiene requirements of businesses. FGİ rapid roll doors have automatic opening and closing features. In this way, the level of security in enterprises increases and work accidents are reduced. In addition, thanks to its rapid opening in case of emergency, they allow businesses to act faster in situations requiring urgent intervention. Many different industries prefer rapid roll doors. Especially, businesses serving in the food, pharmaceutical, logistics and storage industries often prefer it. These doors are ideal for meeting the hygiene and sealing requirements of businesses. FGİ rapid roll doors accelerate workflow in industrial plants, save energy, they increase the level of security and provide hygiene. For this reason, many businesses prefer FGİ rapid roll doors.

Why should Rapid Roll Doors be preferred?

Along with increasing demands on safety standards and workflows in the industry, energy costs are also rising. Rapid roll doors, which are a type of industrial door, open and close very quickly compared to other industrial doors, therefore they provide an optimized constant temperature in production warehouses and facilities.

Rapid roll doors, one of the industrial doors manufactured by FGİ - Novoferm, are available for indoor and outdoor use and can be produced in special sizes. Industrial doors meet the strictest European safety requirements and are almost maintenance free.

Different situations require different solutions 

FGİ rapid roll doors help to improve logistics services and a tailored solution can be found for almost any situation. Due to the changing climate and environmental conditions; modern energy saving practices in industrial buildings are gaining importance today and in the future. In the research conducted by the Technical University of Munich, it has been determined that rapid roll doors are an important factor in reducing the energy needs of industrial buildings. This study shows that depending on the shape of the building and the temperature difference, the indoor temperature of the building decreases during the time the door is open. Therefore, the shorter the door is left open, the less heat loss in the interior. At the same time, the air flow is significantly reduced, providing a comfortable atmosphere in the building and preventing the employees from getting sick, thus reducing the loss of workforce.

Efficient work means low cost work

If a door is rarely used, its insulation is of great importance. If the door is used frequently, the speed of opening and closing of the door and the height to which it is opened are more important. For this reason, the new generation Novoferm panels have an adjustable half-opening function as standard. It provides a visible energy saving with its automatic shut-off function. The energy loss in the open door will always be far beyond the energy loss of the closed door, regardless of the door shape due to heat transfer and air leakage. Studies at the Technical University of Munich show that the energy loss is reduced by up to 30% with the application of rapid roll doorss. A greater gain is obtained when two doors are connected to each other to create the air-lock function, and this ensures that the ambient climate remains 90% constant.

Using energy efficiently at every stage

In 2009, Novoferm signed a commitment to comply with the “Green Solutions” charter. In this context, there is a concrete package of measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the production, shipment, assembly and maintenance of industrial doors.

100% recycled materials

We pursue this goal consistently. That's why we carefully select the materials used and integrate them with our research and development. In this way, lead is not used in our control panel technology and complies with RoHS standard.

Single contact for production and service

FGİ-Novoferm offers not only rapid roll doors, but also a wide range of industrial doors, multi-functional personnel doors, fire-resistant doors and loading technologies. A quality product from FGİ-Novoferm fits every space of a modern industrial building.

Working with a single partner provides the following advantages:

• A contact for all product, assembly, maintenance and after-sales services

• Fully compatible products for best operation

• Operators and service personnel are familiar with the entire product range

Energy losses

The images below show the motion transition of airflows causing energy loss in a conventional outdoor door (A). Novoferm's Rapid Roll Door (B) is closed before this airflow starts. In this way, constant ambient temperature is ensured and energy loss is prevented. Appropriate working climate also eliminates unnecessary reporting of illness by personnel.

Where Are Rapid Roll Doors Used?

FGİ-Novoferm's comprehensive program of airflow prevention solutions is used in almost all industries. Door application depends on the intended use and ambient conditions. Our standard program provides solutions for almost all situations. In special circumstances, we can develop radical solutions together with you.

Light and heavy industry

In light and heavy industry, various airflow barrier solutions are needed. FGİ-Novoferm's door program has a solution for almost every condition. Our products, which can be easily installed and operated without problems, do not require frequent maintenance. We guarantee continuity and safety for our products.

Food industry

FGİ-Novoferm is a specialist in the food industry. We have been working with the big names in the food production and processing industry in Europe for years. We also offer our experience in cold storage. In this sector, we can take into account not only hygiene-oriented systems such as stainless steel, but also larger mass production demands.

Retail trade

The shelves of a modern supermarket are filled with a wide range of products. An efficient traffic is required between the warehouse and the aisles to keep the shelves full. For this reason, Rapid roll Doors are often used, which take on the task of separating between the store and the warehouse. These doors open and close automatically quickly, are safe for the user, do not take up space and work very quietly. FGİ-Novoferm has developed doors by size for different retailers and has made it available to a number of European chains.

Automobile industry

An average automobile factory produces 1000 cars per day. This requires an enormous flow of material, and for this flow timely supply is paramount. FGİ-Novoferm offers problem-free and durable products as well as 24-hour uninterrupted service. With this service, he is able to help as soon as possible in a possible disruption.

Pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Special requests for hygiene, safety, operational safety and after-sales service are answered in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. FGİ-Novoferm offers radical solutions for this purpose and spends time and money on the vocational training of its own production and assembly personnel.


Ready-to-sale products should be delivered to the final customer as soon as possible. Investors therefore work with large logistics distribution centers operating for storage and transfer. The doors used in this logistics flow have to be opened and closed many times a day. An excellent product so alone is not enough! Even with the most stable product, malfunctions can occur as a result of intensive use. Preventive maintenance can minimize these failures. FGİ-Novoferm therefore allows trouble-free use of the door with maintenance and service contracts.

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