SpeedRollers for Outdoors

SpeedRollers for Outdoors

Self-Repairing Rapid Roll Doors

The self-repairing NovoZip rapid roll door is the ideal solution for spaces up to 20.25 m2 and for heavy use. The self-repairing feature of the self-lubricating line reduces downtime and ensures minimum production delays. NovoZip is designed as a fast, user-friendly room separator and offers very good airflow prevention and climate control. This provides significant energy savings.

The NovoSpeed Thermo opens 6 times faster than similar sectional doors and is therefore well suited for environments where many logistics movements take place every day. Opening the door so fast means real energy savings, just like a roller shutter. The patented track system is driven directly by a very practical chain/steel cable system.

Strong Outdoor is the rapid roll door developed for truly demanding applications. Robust components and reliable technology ensure years of trouble-free use. The Strong Outdoor fast rapid roll door has been specially developed for mounting on exterior walls and especially for large spaces with high wind loads. Balanced columns with integral gaskets exclude all airflow and keep your indoor climate comfortable.

NovoFold has been developed for intensive use in outdoor spaces up to 36 m2. Ideal for fast daily transit of forklifts and large volumes of products. The door curtain is equipped with numerous reinforcement profiles and a unique folding technique. As a result, it remains in an extremely stable condition even under high wind pressure. Fully enclosed lids and materials used make NovoFold suitable for long-term use in all conditions.

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