NovoLux Sectional Doors

NovoLux sectional doors are ideal for industrial environments where light and visibility are important. NovoLux sectional doors have excellent insulating properties, functionally reliable and easy to install. Panel thicknesses of 40, 60, XL40 and XL60 mm are available.
NovoLux Sectional Doors

When light and visibility are key

The leaf on a NovoLux door is comprised of multiple sections. The use of specially dimensioned aluminium profiles enables frame designs offering a huge choice of infill options. Combine the frame with raised aluminium panels, choosing between light permeable, coloured, insulated, or air permeable. Virtually anything goes.

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NovoLux 60

NovoLux 60 mm sectional doors are modern and innovative. They look good, function reliably, and are easy to install. NovoLux sectional doors with 60 mm panels are standard supplied with triple glazing and guarantee exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation performance, while preventing condensation. Ideal for areas requiring good light and visibility, and a constant room climate.

Special insulation profiles

NovoLux 60 doors are one and a half times thicker than their NovoLux 40 counterparts, and are made of two aluminium profiles that are thermally separated with special insulation profiles. As a result, these doors have very low U values, even when windows are incorporated. NovoLux 60 mm sectional doors are particularly suited for industrial environments where light is key, but good insulation and super energy efficiency are also important.

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Maximum transparency

The NovoLux XL is an aluminum door, available in 40 mm or 60 mm versions. What makes this room so special is the removal of the vertical support between the section allowing for a large window. High-quality plexiglass is particularly strong and thick, hardly bends and looks like glass despite being acrylic. As a result, window reflections look natural and have a stylish door look.

Plexiglass Optics

NovoLux XL doors are available up to a maximum width of 4000 mm and a maximum height of 4500 mm. “Plexiglas optics” is used in its production, which looks like real glass but offers the safety of acrylic.

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