Traffic lights signal to both the driver outside and the loading personnel inside that the loading area is ready for approaching. While traffic lights are preferred as yellow-green single signal transmitters, they are often used as red-green two-signal transmitters. Standard bulbs and high quality LED lamps are used in signal transmitters in two versions. The luminous power of the LED lamps provides good awareness even in the sunny conditions. The functions of the traffic lights
are adapted for the users.

Wheel chocks keep vehicles stable in loading areas. A standard chock only helps to a limited extent. The electronic wheel chock only works when it rests on the wheel and the correct application is ensured thanks to the position indicating sensor in the chock. This application helps the chock and the driver to connect with the traffic lights. In this way, the driver will be informed of the situation in the loading area, and it is extremely convenient.

The routing barrier helps us immensely to prevent possible damage. It is mostly made of galvanized steel pipes and is ground-mounted in front of the loading ramp to the left and right of the vehicle. In this way, the vehicle is directed to the correct position and damages caused by docking errors are prevented.

A vehicle that is being loaded or unloaded inevitably creates a dark area in the loading area. Therefore, where the vehicle and the ramp meet, a fast and safe material flow becomes difficult. Considering these possibilities, Novoferm’s loading lights are a suitable solution. They can be mounted directly to the door sill without effort and thanks to its flexible arms, every corner of the vehicle and the loading area is illuminated.

Traffic light, one of the accessories of FGİ loading systems, increases the safety in the loading area. It is used to provide high efficiency. It is placed in front of or next to the loading ramp. It also shows colored light signals that determine the sequence of loading operations. In fact, the FGİ Traffic light ensures that the loading operations are carried out more efficiently. By preventing multiple trucks from entering the loading area, the traffic light regulates the traffic flow in the loading area and helps prevent accidents. Wheel chock from FGİ accessories is a safety equipment for a loading system. This equipment is used to prevent the wheels of the vehicle from moving during the loading of the vehicle. Chocks are placed behind the wheels of the vehicle. These chocks secure the wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards during loading. This ensures the stability of the vehicle during loading. It ensures that the load can be loaded safely. Wheel chocks from FGİ accessories are generally used for trucks, trailers and other heavy duty transport vehicles. For businesses, wheel chocks may be among legal requirements and are important for a safe loading process. The routing barrier is part of a loading system. It is used to ensure that the load is placed securely during loading. Also, the routing barriers from FGİ accessories help direct the load in the right direction for proper placement. These barriers are designed to prevent the load from falling from the vehicle or the load from falling off the loading ramp. In addition, guidance barriers are used to ensure that the load is placed correctly on the loading ramp. These barriers are used to control the movement of the load along the ramp and to ensure that the load is placed correctly. From FGİ accessories, the loading lamp is part of a loading system. This accessory is used to ensure that the load is placed securely during loading. It increases the illumination in the loading zone to ensure that the load is placed correctly. These lamps indicate that the load has been placed correctly and that the vehicle is ready to take the full load in the loading zone.


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