Loading Ramps

The NovoDock L150 and L100 can be operated very easily via a lifting rod. Both loading ramps are mounted against the loading bay.

FGİ loading ramps are loading equipment that enables the transport of materials from high or low levels. These ramps are used in storage facilities, factories, transportation industry, construction industry and other industries. They include several types designed for different purposes. Fixed ramps, mobile ramps, hydraulic ramps are among the types. Different types such as drop-down ramps, plates and bridge ramps are also produced. When we look at the advantages of FGİ loading ramps, it is seen that they enable the materials to be easily transported between levels from high or low. This increases the efficiency of the companies and minimizes worker injuries. The usage areas are very diverse. They are used in storage facilities, factories, transportation industry, construction industry and other industries. They provide great convenience in the transportation of materials. The installation of FGİ loading ramps can be done as fixed or mobile. Fixed ramps are usually installed in a building or structure. Mobile ramps can be transported according to the needs of the facilities.

The features of FGİ loading ramps are as follows: Loading ramps are generally made of durable materials. They are designed for transporting heavy loads. FGİ loading ramps are designed in accordance with safety standards. They are customized according to the needs of businesses. Ramps require regular maintenance. Maintenance operations keep it running safely and efficiently. It also prolongs its lifespan. As a result, FGİ loading ramps provide great convenience in transporting materials from high or low to levels. It is necessary to pay attention to issues when demanding a loading ramp such as types, advantages, areas of use, installation, features and maintenance. Businesses can increase their productivity when they make the right choice. The prices of loading ramps vary depending on many factors. Factors such as different types, sizes, capacities, features, materials and brands can affect prices. In addition, installation, transportation and maintenance are among the factors that affect prices. When choosing loading ramps, businesses should choose a suitable loading ramp, taking into account their budgets and needs. Businesses also need to factor in other costs such as installation, transportation and maintenance.

What is a Loading Ramp? What Does It Do?

Loading ramps are systems that increase work safety and save time in areas where intensive entrance, exit and product transportation are made. FGİ loading ramps, with a carrying capacity of up to 10 TONs, emit minimum CO2 within the scope of Green Solutions and protect the nature. Loading ramps consist of 2 parts, the main platform and the lip. The main platform can be resized according to factors such as warehouse height, vehicle width. The lip part on the loading ramps is used for guiding the ramp. There are different types of loading ramps suitable for needs.


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