Sliding Fire Resistant Doors

Sliding Fire Resistant Doors
Sliding Fire Resistant Doors

FGİ Sliding Doors prevent the spread of fire in case of fire. On the other hand, Sliding Fire Resistant Doors are used to ensure safe evacuation of people. For this reason, fire resistant doors are used in areas of buildings that are at risk of fire. Sliding Fire Resistant Doors are used in many areas like; in fire escapes, generator rooms, ventilation systems and similar areas of commercial buildings. In addition, fire resistant doors are also used in public buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls and other structures. These doors facilitate the evacuation of people during a fire. They prevent the fire from spreading to other parts.

The features of FGİ Sliding fire resistant doors are as follows: They are made of fire resistant materials. Fire resistant doors are produced from fire resistant materials. These materials have properties that do not melt, burn or spread during fire. Fire resistant doors are designed to withstand high temperatures. They are tested accordingly. These doors can last for a certain period of time even when exposed to high temperatures and flames during a fire. They have smoke-proof feature. Controlling the smoke during a fire is vital for the evacuation of people and the intervention of firefighters. They can be opened and closed easily. Fire resistant doors have the feature of easy opening and closing. This helps ensure a quick and safe evacuation in an emergency. Fire resistant doors have the feature of self-closing. Door closing automatically during a fire and preventing the fire from spreading to other areas. They are tested and certified. Fire resistant doors are tested in accordance with certain standards and also certified. These certificates specify how long the door can withstand fire. They can be integrated with fire alarm systems. In this way, automatic closing of the doors during a fire can be ensured.

Product Benefits

• Provides easy installation and smooth surface appearance thanks to its segmented body structure.

• Doors can also be equipped with electrical opening support on request

• They perfectly meet the aesthetic and functional requirements.

Benefits of sliding fire resistant doors

Sliding fire resistant doors are one of the obligatory measures that must be in place for your life and property safety. Doors are used to close large wall spaces in industrial buildings and play an important role in controlling fire. The main purpose of our products is to slow down the spread of fire and protect you and your loved ones against the dangers of fire.

Why a sliding fireproof door?

FGİ sliding fire resistant doors are primarily used to isolate the fire area from fire escape stairs, fire escape routes and other areas. Smoke and excessive heat during the fire should not pass from the fire area to other environments. Safe escape corridors and fire escapes should be created where people can escape. The doors must be suitable for the structure of your building and the requirements. Their width should not be less than 80 cm and height should not be less than 200 cm. They should be made of fire resistant material and should be easily opened during fire. Our products, which serve to protect your life and property from dangers by preventing loss of time in an emergency situation, also offer easy use opportunities for children and the elderly. They can be opened easily from inside even when it is locked. FGİ sliding fire resistant doors are manufactured in accordance with all rules and tests set by the law.

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