NovoDock H50

The H50 presents you with a variable concept for the use of telescopic lip and hinged lip dock levellers. The load house offers additional storage space within the building.

Product benefits

  • Retrospective installation to existing loading bay,
  • Reduction of energy consumption for heated warehouses,
  • Simple site assembly and minimal disruption during installation,
  • Flexible forms of enclosure,
  • Robust steel construction,
  • Transport optimized solution,
    The NovoDocks P1530 or P1320 serve as a basis for the NovoDock H50.
    The NovoDock H50 is only available as 90 degree version. The cladding made from ISO panel are
    attached horizontally. Due to the modular design, the NovoDock H50 also offers transport cost

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Marka Plan
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