NovoDock L350i

The high payload hinged lip NovoDock L350i is conveniently and safely operated with the integrated Novo i-Vision HA control. Like all Green Solutions products, the NovoDock L350i offers reductions in CO2 and savings in operating costs thanks to its optimized energy requirements. The stable steel construction remains unchanged, giving NCI a decisive advantage over all commercially available hinged lip dock levellers.

With the integrated i-Vision-HAR1-control, the NovoDock L350i is user friendly and safe to operate. Like all Green Solution products, the NovoDock L350i also caters for CO2 reduction and operating cost savings through optimised energy requirements. The stable steel construction remains unchanged. NCI provides a decisive competitive edge over all other loading ramps with hinged lip that are available on the market.

Product benefits

  • Standard GreenPlus pack, up to 70 % energy savings,
  • Green solution product,
  • Due to its higher dynamic load-carrying capacity of 100 kN, especially suitable for transported
  • Options packages for customised configuration,
  • Robust steel construction,
  • Novo i-Vision control,
  • Auto button.
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