NovoDock L550i

It provides perfect loading opportunity with its solid steel structure and modern control panel. As in all Green Plus packaged products, materials that comply with current environmental standards, are energy efficient and keep CO2 emissions low are used.

The NovoDock L550i is specially designed for heavier loads. The hydraulic loading ramp with telescopic lip is particularly robust and enables efficient loading thanks to modern controller technology. Like all Green Solution products, the NovoDock L550i contributes to cost savings thanks to CO2 reduction technology.

Product benefits

  • Standard GreenPlus pack, up to 70 % energy savings,
  • Novo i-Vision control,
  • NCI on board,
  • Robust steel construction,
  • Due to its higher dynamic load-carrying capacity of 100 kN, especially suitable for,
    transported goods,
  • Green solution product,
  • Options packages for customized configuration.

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