NovoSeal S620

As part of the integrated loading module, the NovoSeal S620 inflatable dock works in combination with others. When the door open button is used, the bellows of the NovoSeal S620 will inflate, then the door will open automatically. When the loading is completed, thanks to the Auto Dock function, first the ramp comes to 0 position, the industrial door is closed, and finally the air bellows is evacuated and the traffic light turns green.Product advantages: • Bellows whose material is PVC or Cordura •Perfect sealing •Energy efficient • Fast and safe inflation thanks to the “Twin Motor” •Part of installation solutions

As part of the integrated loading solution, NovoSeal S620 is automatically actuated. After
actuating the door OPEN switch, the air bags of the NovoSeal S620 are first inflated, and then the
door opens automatically. At the end of the loading process, the dock leveller is first driven into
resting position with the AutoDock function, then the door is closed, a possibly connected dock
light is switched off, the NovoSeal S620 is vented, and an exterior traffic light switches to green.
This automatic sequence increases efficiency, saves energy costs, and prevents possible damage
caused by removing the lorry too early while the air bags are still inflated.

Product benefits

  • Air bags made from PVC or especially supple Cordura®
  • Perfect sealing,
  • Energy-saving,
  • Twin motors for fast and safe inflating,
  • Integrated elements of the loading solution.

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