NovoSeal VS250

The rapid growth of online commerce also increases the need for commercial vehicles in the city. These vehicles are not standard, they have different structures and different door opening styles. This difference can make sealing a special problem on the platforms where vehicles dock, due to the sensitivity of the packages being transported. NovoSeal VS250 has been specially designed to meet all these demands.Product advantages: • Specially designed for small commercial vehicles •Manually adjustable corner cushions •Perfect side sealing thanks to lamella pads •Suitable for multi-functional installations

Due to the strong increase in Internet trading, the need for vans in city centres is rising fast. In
most cases, these parcels must be handled with great care. At the same time, the multitude of
different vans with varied contours and different door hinges pose a special sealing problem. The
NovoSeal VS250 can optimally fulfil such requirements.

Product benefits

  • Especially developed for vans,
  • Manually adjustable horizontal pads,
  • Lamella pads for perfect side sealing,
  • Ideal for CrossDocking.

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