FGİ rapid roll doors

FGİ rapid roll doors draw attention with their high and safe drive functions and material quality. By accelerating the internal and external transitions in the buildings, it minimizes the dust, humidity, noise and visual pollution caused by the continuous opening and closing of the door. It is recommended to increase both time and work efficiency in businesses. It is preferred in almost all sectors thanks to its deep-rooted solutions specific to every situation. For example; It is frequently used in light and heavy industries, thanks to its ability to prevent various airflows. It is preferred in many different sectors that need rapid transition such as food industry, retail trade, automobile industry, pharmacy and chemical industry, logistics. The application of rapid roll doors depends on the intended use for which it works. We offer special opportunities for every situation and we always work solution-oriented.

A safe and efficient system, interior doors

FGİ interior doors provide the security and efficiency you need in the interior of the buildings and offer opportunities that improve the current conditions at the highest level. By increasing your logistics performance indoors, it offers a suitable solution for every situation. With many different features such as wind resistance, self-testing lower safety system, it has proven itself for decades without hesitation, and continues to prove it.

Outdoor doors with high durability and a wide range of applications

FGİ high-speed outdoor doors provide resistance to wind, provide timely appropriate solutions thanks to their pressure resistance, impermeability and high durability, allowing you to provide efficiency in all areas of your business. They are doors with aesthetic appearances with very good insulation and noise reduction properties.

Tarpaulin guillotine door with very strong structures and energy saving

FGİ high speed tarpaulin guillotine is especially designed for large exterior and interior passages in industrial and commercial buildings. It provides long-lasting and comfortable use by working with a fully compatible system.

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