What are the Advantages of FGİ Door Seals?

Due to the spaces between a warehouse and a truck, products can be affected by adverse conditions. A door seal is used to prevent this negative effect.

It has advantages such as reducing energy losses during loading operations, minimizing work accidents by providing work and area safety, using environmentally friendly materials in production, facilitating loading and unloading operations, and providing indoor-outdoor air balance.

Door Seals, which have been used for many years in the food and pharmacy sectors where hygiene is very important, also provide operation and cost advantages to the companies.

FGİ-Novoferm Door Seals can work in integration with all other loading system equipment

Prices of Door Seals

Price tariffs foredoom seals differ in terms of model and size. You can reach our sales representatives or our headquarters for our special solution suggestions and price offers for your business.

What should be considered when choosing a door seal?

The first thing to consider is the quality of the door seals. A product with a quality problem may cause your operations such as loading and unloading to be left unfinished and to waste time. By choosing the door seals suitable for your facility, the dimensions and the features of the door seals suitable for your needs, you will ensure that your logistics and loading operations are carried out more economically and reliably. For vehicles and warehouses with different physical structures, you should choose door seals in suitable sizes for your project. For this, you need to have a good knowledge of the space, vehicle features and the features of the product you will load and unload.

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