What are the Advantages of FGI Rolling Doors?

Rolling shutters, which are economical, high quality and reliable doors, have a large area of use in the industry. Our rolling shutters, produced in European standards with the assurance of Novoferm, have a wide range of features and types. We can supply spiral doors in any model and size that businesses want. Our rolling door models, which provide many advantages especially for factories, have a practical usage style as well as having high technology.
In this context, it enables the factory personnel to move comfortably. These aesthetic door models, which have international quality standards, can maintain their quality for many years if used with care.

Advantages of Using a Rolling Door

There are many advantages to using our rolling shutters. Among the advantages of the spiral doors, which are preferred in many parts of the world, is that these doors have an ergonomic and aesthetic design. Our rolling shutters have a wide color palette, especially gray tones reflecting the metal appearance are highly preferred.

The spiral is very comfortable in installation and use. FGI after-sales services support our customers in all stages of installation, maintenance and service. Our rolling shutters can be used in large areas. It allows personnel and cargo trucks to enter and exit the site easily.

Why are Rolling Doors Preferred?

The question of why the spiral doors that appeal to the expectations are preferred is frequently asked by the newly put into service factories. Due to its many qualities, our rolling shutters are heavily preferred both at home and abroad. These professional factory doors have maximum security besides being useful doors.
In this context, it provides protection of factories from all external factors. Our rolling shutters have a different design than ordinary factory doors. Since it does not have a complex structure, it is very practical to open and close. Our rolling shutter models are special operating doors that are covered by warranty.

Aspects Distinguishing Spiral Doors from Other Factory Doors

Our rolling shutters have aspects that distinguish them from other factory door models. Our rolling shutter models have a high level of performance. In this context, it shows maximum durability even in the toughest weather conditions. We manufacture our rolling shutters entirely from stainless steel. These door models do not rust even after many years.
One of the aspects that distinguish our rolling shutter models from other ordinary factory doors is that they have an economical price schedule. In this context, we ensure that factories are economically advantageous.

Things to Consider When Buying a Rolling Door

Many companies from the internet world offer buy spiral gate services. Rolling shutters are special door models. In the absence of a warranty on these doors, it can cause factories to be disadvantaged in terms of both cost and quality standards.

In order not to be economically disadvantaged, you can order our rolling door types from our company safely and under warranty.

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