What is FGİ Sectional Door? How does it work?

Best Industrial Door

Sectional doors with a solid body with sandwich panels made of polyurethane have security measures against fires, strong winds and finger pinching. It is designed not to be affected by mfriction and impact. offers ideal solutions for industrial sectors like factories, warehouses, hangars, stations, etc. providing maximum safety.

Sectional Door Panel Sections

Sectional doors are industrial systems consisting of panel sections. The sections are mounted on the side walls and the ceiling and move by means of guide arms.

Maximum Security and Sealing in Sectional Doors

Sectional doors, equipped with rubber filters on all four sides, are very robust and leak-proof. They act with the automation system. Sectional doors have a safety system that ensures that the door is not damaged while the door is closing. In addition, sectional doors have spring and rope uses. All of the operations performed provide maximum level of security in sectional doors. They are suitable for long-term use if regularly maintained.

Sectional Door Prices

Since sectional doors are generally used as factory doors and applied in large sizes, cost-effective solutions are very important. Sectional doors are not priced over m2, they are calculated over effective dimensions.

Sectional Doors as Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors located under the ceiling open vertically to save space. Thanks to this construction, maximum space is provided inside the garage and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors can be installed in any garage opening. It is also optimally insulated on all four sides with long-lasting elastic and weatherproof seals. FGİ is a company that can give a guarantee for after-sales support.

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