What are the Opening and Closing Speeds of FGİ Industrial Doors?

The opening and closing speed of our industrial doors, also known as FGİ sectional doors, may differ according to the door models. Our industrial doors have automatic and manual versions. Our automatic industrial doors are mostly preferred in warehouse areas of factories. As the name suggests, these doors function more practically as they open and close automatically. In this context, we also provide businesses with an advantage in terms of time.

Our automatic industrial doors are more advantageous than manual industrial doors. They are ideal doors for the vehicle trailer to enter the warehouse more easily during the shipment of our products. The automatic industrial door can be opened and closed faster than the manual industrial door.

What is an Industrial Door?

Industrial doors are high-quality and high-performance door systems preferred in product shipment areas of factories. It is preferred throughout Türkiye because it is one of the best door systems. Our industrial door models, which we produce with guarantee and offer for sale at affordable prices, are preferred by many businesses in 81 provinces and abroad in this context. Industrial door models, which have a stylish and ergonomic design, enable businesses to be more modern and appealing to the eye in this context. Our industrial doors, which are appreciated for their professional design, are divided into different types.

What is the Function of an Industrial Door?

In response to the question industrial doors have many functions, these door systems enable product shipments in factories to be carried out more easily and quickly, the vehicle to enter the warehouse area more easily and the products to be protected against all external factors. In this context, our industrial doors are also involved in the protection of businesses in a real sense. It ensures that the products in the warehouse area are kept safe from all kinds of adverse situations at the maximum level. we produce our industrial doors in accordance with the standards, have high durability. This quality industrial doors can maintain its quality for many years if it is used with care and maintained regularly.

What are the Features of Industrial Doors?

Our industrial door models have many features. Easy to use is important for in-house operations. In particular, the automatic industrial door allows the relevant personnel to perform the function of opening and closing the industrial door practically via the remote-controlled system without effort. Our industrial doors are long-lasting and under warranty. They are sectional doors made of the highest quality materials with different features and designs from ordinary industrial doors.

What are the Advantages of Industrial Doors?

When you are looking for the most advantageous door system for your facility, you can safely choose our industrial door models. One of the biggest advantages of these door models is that they have a solid structure. In this context, the industrial door shows maximum resistance against all external factors and possible severe impacts.
Today, we can see our industrial doors, especially in the warehouse parts of many companies. These modern door systems also have the advantage of low cost and attractive price.

Our Prices for Industrial Doors

Our industrial door prices vary according to the selected door model and features. You can contact us about the features and prices of all our industrial door models on our website or you can contact our sales representatives if you wish.

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