Sectional Doors

FGİ sectional doors are ideal for industrial environments where light and visibility are important. NovoLux sectional doors have excellent insulating properties, functionally reliable and easy to install. Panel thicknesses of 40, 60, XL40 and XL60 mm are available.
Sectional Doors
Sectional Doors

FGİ Sectional doors are large and modular doors that are generally preferred in industrial and commercial areas. Such doors move on vertical or horizontal rails. Sectional doors usually consist of galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel panels. These panels are interconnected. Allows the door to expand and contract. Doors may be filled with polyurethane foam or similar material to provide insulation. This increases energy efficiency and improves temperature control inside the door. FGİ Sectional doors slide upwards when opening and stay in a position parallel to the roof. This saves more space compared to other types of doors. The doors operate manually or automatically.

Space saving: FGİ Sectional doors save space with the upward opening principle. This is particularly suitable for areas where vehicles need to be parked or materials loaded and unloaded.

Security: These doors come with security features such as an anti-finger pinch system. Also, the fasteners are solid. Therefore, it is more robust against coercion and theft attempts.

Energy Efficiency: Thanks to insulated panels, heat loss is minimized and energy efficiency increases.

Maintenance: Sectional doors provide long-term cost savings due to their low maintenance needs.

Manual use: Manual opening options are available for situations such as power cuts. Sectional doors are popular for a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as garages, sheds, warehouses and workshops.

For detailed information you can check our Highly insulated Sectional Thermo Doors, Sectional NovoLux Doors with transparent windows.

Industrial doors are open for you!

When it comes to sectional doors from industrial doors, FGİ Door and Loading Technologies offers different, smart and sustainable solutions. You can choose between highly insulated thermo sectional doors, NovoLux sectional doors with transparent windows, garage doors and many accessories.

What is a Sectional Door

Sectional doors, consisting of sandwich panels made of polyurethane, are the most suitable industrial door and loading technology products for your facility that require medium speed levels and provide isolation with external environments. Sectional doors save space by moving vertically (up and down) and open under the facility’s ceiling, not outside the facility door. Since sectional doors are customizable in many ways, they can be applied according to taste without harming the architecture of your facility / home. They can be used integrated with loading technology products. Since the four sides of the doors are filled with flexible rubber wick, it provides maximum impermeability and protects the application area against external factors.

The main benefits of the sectional door

FGİ sectional doors provide wind, heat, sound insulation and are impact resistant. Our sectional doors, which are produced in international standards, have been tested by experts for durability. Our sectional doors, which have been opened and closed more than 30,000 times and subjected to various durability tests, have passed the tests without any problems.

They are silent and switches on and off with low power consumption. They can work in accordance with the structure of the building and does not take up space when opening and closing. They are easy to maintain and repair. With optional window system, they ensure that the working area remains illuminated. By attaching the service door to the panel of the sectional door, they can be made suitable for personnel entry-exit.

Our sectional doors comply with EN 13241-1 certification and have been extensively tested and approved by TÜV Nord.

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