NovoSeal S420

S420 bellows with spring-back frame prevents the passage of airflow, rain and wind. By providing perfect integrity between the truck and the building, it prevents energy loss and damage to the transported goods from external factors. Thanks to the hidden rain channels, rain water is discharged from the sides in a controlled manner.Product advantages: •Flexible roof structure •Aluminium frame •Concealed screwing on the facade •Concealed rain drain (standard) •Universal use

Novoferm dock shelters with collapsible design protect against draughts, rain, and wind. They ensure perfect sealing between lorry and building and protect against energy loss and possible damage to the goods. The built in rain water channel deflects water from the roof to the outside of the shelter.

Product benefits

  • Rain water channel on the side inside,
  • Flexible roof construction,
  • Aluminium frame construction,
  • No visible screws on front side,
  • Designed for universal use,
  • Spring-back frame,
  • Bracing arms made of galvanized steel.

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