The loading ramps facilitating the shipment flow between loading areas and loading vehicles are divided into two as FGİ mechanical loading ramps and FGİ hydraulic loading ramps. In this article, we will talk about the 4 main benefits of hydraulic loading ramps, which stand out with their ease of use, for your business.


FGİ Hydraulic loading ramps take their name from the pistons used for height adjustment. Adjusting the height not mechanically but hydraulically is only one of the most important features for your company. With its different features, it provides you with various conveniences and ensures that your business is provided without any problems. Thanks to its ease of use, it offers the solutions you want easily, balancing the difference between the truck and the floor and the ramps, by providing you with maximum movement during loading and unloading. It can be easily controlled with the Novo I-vision control panels that are attached to it. Having 3 different types of hydraulic ramps and customizing them according to your needs provides convenience for your company and your employees. Another factor for easy use is; hydraulic and electrical compatibility. By automatically adjusting itself according to the vehicle, it saves you from doing any action, thanks to the advantages of easy use, you focus on your work and you do not have to spend extra energy.


Hydraulic Loading Ramps with Telescopic Lip, which is one of the FGİ Hydraulic ramp types, provide time savings in loading and unloading processes as they minimize the risk of work accidents. Z-frame, NovoDock L530 saves time by providing fast assembly. Thanks to this situation, you can more easily focus on your different jobs. Thanks to the steel frame, the NovoDock P1320 and P1330i allow it to be installed in front of the building and form a foundation for the loading area. This saves a great deal of time as it is simply placed in front of the building.


Energy saving is an indispensable condition for companies. Spending your energy on the right equipment is the right decision for the future of your company. Telescopic Hydraulic Loading Ramps NovoDock L530, you can perform the easiest and most efficient operation by saving up to 70% energy.


With FGİ Hydraulic Loading Ramps, you can perform loading and unloading operations with maximum safety. By minimizing work accidents , you can create a safe environment for your work in every aspect by saving both energy and time . Exceptional safety is achieved for the delivery of products and equipment damage or injury is avoided. Maintenance operations can be performed easily and quickly to ensure functionality. A bent folding tongue prevents equipment used to process materials from “slipping”. Consulting us about which system is more suitable for you will provide a faster solution.

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