Sectional Garage Door

It moves on sectional rails. It consists of galvanized surface sandwich panel or aluminum framed panels.
Sectional Garage Door

FGİ Sectional Garage Doors have mechanisms that can operate manually or automatically. They are produced in different styles, sizes and colours. Some models have additional features such as insulated panels or glazed panels. Garage doors are also manufactured in a flat or paneled design. The sectional garage door is a modern and stylish type of door. It is generally used in homes and businesses. These doors take up less space than other doors. They provide more usable space. They also provide high insulation and save energy. FGİ Sectional doors provide more security than other doors. Doors are produced from steel or aluminum materials. Special lock systems are used to increase security. The doors can be controlled with a remote control or a smart phone. In this way, you do not have to get out of the vehicle to open the door. Sectional doors are available in a variety of sizes and colours. In this way, it is possible to choose a suitable door for any type of garage or storage area. The doors operate quietly and smoothly. This feature prevents noise when the door is opened and closed. Sectional doors are ideal for homes and businesses. Sectional garage doors add value to businesses and homes with their aesthetic appearance. In addition, the life span of the doors can be extended with regular maintenance. Cleaning and lubricating the door parts ensures trouble-free operation of the door. The maintenance of the doors extends the life of the door. As a result, the sectional garage door is a modern, stylish and secure type of door. The prices of sectional doors can vary depending on many factors. There are factors such as the size of the door, material quality, insulation properties, color and design. All these are the most important factors affecting the price. In addition, services such as the installation, maintenance and warranty period of the door also affect the price.

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