What is the Average Lifespan of FGİ Industrial Doors?

FGİ industrial doors, which are used safely in many factories today, are quite different from ordinary industrial doors in terms of their features. Our industrial doors, which are produced from quality materials in accordance with the standards, continue to operate without any problems for many years thanks to regular maintenance and service services of FGİ.

Industrial door systems, which have a practical use, provide advantages for businesses and personnel in this context. Thanks to its modern and high-tech structure, it enables factories to obtain a magnificent and modern image.

Technical Specifications of Our Industrial Doors

The industrial door, which is also used in areas with high vehicle entry and exit traffic, is preferred by companies due to its different technical use and design features. In a quality industrial door, door panel, panel thickness, panel weight, filling material, door motor, sealing between panel and floor, sealing between panels are important. In addition, many technical features such as panel type, sealing between panel and wall, rail assembly, performance against the wind, door shape and pattern, number of door opening/closing, security systems should be included.

Why Companies Buy Our Industrial Doors?

There are many reasons why industrial doors are purchased extensively from across our country and from abroad. Businesses act consciously when it comes to purchasing industrial doors, which have a beautiful and strong aesthetic design. In this context, factories prefer companies that sell high quality and guaranteed industrial doors before purchasing industrial doors.

The high security of the industrial door means that the products of the companies are protected from all external factors within the scope of warranty. Thanks to the industrial door, the products are preferred in terms of protection from wind, rain, dust, and pollen, especially in autumn, if there are trees nearby.

In Which Fields Are Our Industrial Doors are Used?

There is practically no restriction in terms of industrial door usage areas. Therefore, among the places where the industrial door is used; Factories, warehouses, private property areas, transportation and logistics companies, pharmaceutical warehouses, warehouses, military warehouses are areas where it is important to control product entry and exit. The industrial door, which is produced in accordance with quality standards, provides cost advantages to businesses at every stage thanks to its affordable prices and long lifetime. With its ergonomic and aesthetic design, it provides a perfect harmony with the areas where it is applied. The industrial door is very easy to install and disassemble during the application phase. Since the product is covered by the warranty, these transactions are carried out by FGİ without any additional charges.

Prices of Industrial Doors

Industrial door prices differ in terms of model and size. You can reach our sales representatives or our headquarters for our special solution suggestions and price offers for your business.

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