Why Should You Get FGI Loading Ramp?

Loading ramps are one of the most suitable products for factories, warehouses and logistics areas. The loading ramp acts as a bridge between the factory, warehouse, logistics and the vehicle. In addition to increasing work safety, it also saves time. Loading ramps, which are the product of FGİ Door and Loading Systems with a carrying capacity of up to 10 tons, emit minimum CO2 within the scope of Green Solutions and thus protect the nature. The loading ramps, which will provide you with gains in many different aspects in factory, warehouse, logistics etc. areas with fast entry and exit, promise a long service life with the assurance of FGİ Door and Loading Technologies.

Provides fast and practical working opportunity

FGİ mechanical loading ramps minimize the need for manpower with the maximum performance they provide. The possibility of fast and practical loading between areas such as factories and warehouses where the vehicle will be loaded and the minimum need for manpower will also minimize the possibility of a possible work accident. The ramp tongue section, which is made of special aluminum dipping, prevents possible slippage and ensures that the entire loading and unloading process is carried out smoothly. In addition to these features, mechanical loading ramps, which are one of the products of FGİ Door and Loading Systems, emit minimum CO2 within the scope of Green Solutions, do not harm the nature, and provide environmental safety.

Robust and durable

FGİ mechanical loading ramps are manufactured to meet all your expectations with different models and materials suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Mechanical loading ramps, which are produced with materials selected in accordance with the conditions of the area to be used, provide a longer period of use. Our mechanical loading ramps are produced from hot-dip galvanized, especially considering the risks such as corrosion. All parts used are in appropriate production standards and certifications and are long-lasting. It guarantees many years of troublefree use in factories, warehouses and logistics areas.

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