Fire door systems are a part of the fire extinguishing/intervention system and are used to prevent the spread of fire to other parts in case of fire and to ensure the safety of life and property. Fire doors are automatically closed during fire and the passage of fire to other parts is prevented in this way.

Fire doors are made of materials with different properties. They stand out with the materials that are extremely resistant to fire and high temperature in their structures. They can be designed in a color that is compatible with the building materials. In addition, fire doors often work in conjunction with fire detection and reporting systems. These systems automatically close doors when a fire breaks out and help people evacuate. Fire doors are an important fire safety measure used as part of zoning strategies to limit the spread of fires. These doors, which are our great helpers in intervention, are used safely in areas where there is a lot of crowd and activity, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and event centers, as well as factories and offices.

FGİ fire resistant doors, produced in accordance with international standards and procedures, have generally accepted tests and certifications both in our country and in the world. FGİ fire resistant doors show different features according to the usage needs. They can be fire resistant up to 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. They also have smoke-proof features to protect people from smoke poisoning during a fire, which is of great importance for human life. The fire door, which has a lot of space in the fire regulations of the fire department, is also known as the Emergency Exit Door. Fire doors with both functional and decorative designs; can be grouped as sliding fire doors, fire doors with leafs (emergency exit doors) and rolling fire resistant doors. Fire doors that meet the demand in terms of durability, functionality, security as well as aesthetics offer an elegant appearance.

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