FGİ Rapid Roll Doors

Cold storages are needed to store foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and chemical products for many years. Cold storages are manufactured in different sizes according to the operating capacity. They vary according to the type of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, and chemical products. Each has different cold storage techniques. In order for the products to remain as fresh as the first day and not to be moistened; It should be stored in clean environments, dry and correct places. Especially in such places, the time elapsed during loading and unloading is very important. Because after the door of cold storage is opened, it is very important how much air enters the interior, how long the door stays open, how much the temperature changes. In any air change, the chemistry of the products inside may change and this prevents them from being stored for a long time.

Since each food product, pharmaceutical and chemical material has its own storage temperature, FGİ Rapid Roll Doors are closed before the air flow starts. In this way, the ambient temperature is stabilized and energy loss is prevented. Rapid roll Doors, which draw attention with their high and reliable functions; It accelerates the internal and external transitions in the buildings, and it is an extremely important phenomenon to have a hygienic environment since cold storages contain foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and chemical products. Due to the rapid opening and closing of the FGİ Rapid roll Doors, they prevent the entry of air from the outside and prevents the penetration of invisible bacteria to a high extent. As it is reliable and useful in every sense, it also provides you with savings in economy and prevents excess energy loss.

FGİ Rapid Roll Doors, with its privileges suitable for every sector and area, produces suitable solutions for your facility. It always has ideal and sought-after features to accelerate the traffic flow indoors and outdoors, to preserve the heat of the interior and to save energy.

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