Sectional Garage Doors are obtained by superimposing horizontal panels with hinges. The doors are opened by going into a position parallel to the ceiling in the rails, balanced with the counterweight system created by the arming spring system. These doors are extremely convenient, offer maximum security and allow the best possible use of space. The high-quality materials and a wide range of additional equipment of sectional garage doors give the garage a stylish look in line with the architecture of the house and your personal taste.

The most important factor to be considered in garage doors is to determine how many times the door will work per day, how many vehicles will be in the garage or the daily entry and exit circulation. The main factor determining the garage door to be purchased is the heating of the motor system used in the automatic motorized shutter and the motor-spring combination of the sectional door at different times. While automatic shutter motors are designed for 4-5 opening and closing per day, sectional doors can provide 200+ opening and closing services per day. Sectional doors have relatively high installation costs, but are a logical choice in the long run.

Whether you have a brick or concrete garage, FGİ Door and Loading Technologies can replace the old door with an automatic sectional garage door. This process can be completed in a very short time as FGİ – Novoferm garage doors are adapted to fit most old door sizes.

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