What are the Differences Between FGI Mechanical Loading Ramps and FGI Hydraulic Loading Ramps?

Mechanical loading ramps and hydraulic loading ramps are different from each other in terms of their features and application areas. In this context, both ramp loading models are offered for sale under warranty by our company. Mechanical loading ramps are the most suitable ramps among open ramps, especially for vehicle models of the same size. You can load and unload the products on your platforms on the desired floors by practically lifting our mechanical loading ramps from the rail system.

Features of Our Mechanical Loading Ramps

Our mechanical loading ramps’ parts are produced from hot-dip galvanized especially against the risk of corrosion, which has a stainless feature. The lip (tongue) section, which consists of special aluminum dipping, provides benefits in terms of preventing possible slippage. It also creates a soft bridge between the vehicle and the loading center. Our mechanical loading ramps are manufactured to generally accepted standards and of high quality. We provide long warranty periods for our products. Since our mechanical loading ramps are easy to use, they help all the logistics processes of the companies and ensure that the loads are loaded and unloaded in a practical way.

Features of Our Hydraulic Loading Ramps

As with our mechanical loading ramps, our hydraulic loading ramps are preferred by many companies. As the name suggests, our hydraulic loading ramps, which have a hydraulic system, have a practical use. These professional ramp models, which have high quality standards, are preferred in warehouses and other industrial areas.

Our hydraulic loading ramps function via a special hydraulic pump. It stands out thanks to its high weight-carrying potential. If our hydraulic loading ramps are not used, they can be closed and lowered to the equivalent level with the ground. In this context, possible accidents can be prevented.

Thanks to the Green Plus package, it provides energy savings of up to 70%.

Differences Between Our Mechanical Loading Ramps and Our Hydraulic Loading Ramps

FGİ mechanical loading ramps are applied directly through the concrete floor and take up minimal space. This ramp model can also integrate perfectly with hydraulic materials. Our mechanical loading ramps can be easily applied in all sectors where loading and unloading actions are performed. Since it has a practical operation, it also provides convenience in terms of use.

Our mechanical loading ramps have an ergonomic design. In this respect, it can be integrated with the ground on which it is applied. Our hydraulic loading ramps are especially preferred in areas such as warehouses. Thanks to its hydraulic mechanism, it ensures that the loading and unloading process is carried out smoothly and quickly. Our hydraulic loading ramps are among our professional ramp models. It is appreciated by companies with its high performance and durability.

Advantages of Our Mechanical Loading Ramps and Hydraulic Loading Ramps

Both of our loading ramps are maximally durable. FGİ can maintain its quality for many years if authorized maintenance and service procedures are applied. Our mechanical loading ramps and hydraulic loading ramps are economically priced and cost-effective. Both of our ramp types Our mechanical and hydraulic loading ramps can be customized according to needs. Thanks to its high-tech Green Plus packages, it provides energy savings of up to 70%. You can contact our company to purchase quality and reliable mechanical and hydraulic loading ramps.

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